Nicolás Aravena Claramunt

Informatics Civil Engineer, Backend Engineer@Cornershop


Informatics Civil Engineering Universidad TĂ©cnica Federico Santa MarĂ­a

2011 - 2018

Dissertation Project: “Reimplementación de Estructuras Comprimidas para Rank, Select y Next basadas en Gap Encoding”.

Degree: Bachelors


Backend Engineer Cornershop

May 2019 -

Started working as Backend Support. Currently in the Security-Engineering team as Backend Engineer.

TecnologĂ­as: Python, Django.

Computer Lab Assistant Coordinator Universidad TĂ©cnica Federico Santa MarĂ­a

2012 - 2017

Systems Administrator Assistant for the Informatics Departament of UTFSM San JoaquĂ­n. Assistants Coordinator of a group of 15 other assistants since March 2015. Linux system administration, help desk, user support and web services administration.

Relevant Tech: Linux, Bash, Apache, CentOS, Python, Ruby on Rails and others.

Software Development Contractor Kuantum Spa.

June 2017 - August 2017

Helped with the implementation of a web app used in industrial monitoring.

Relevant Tech: PHP, Laravel, REST.

Software Engineering Internship Wholemeaning

January 2017 - March 2017

Design, implementation and testing of a deployment automation system. Professional Internship.

Relevant Tech: Jenkins, Groovy, Tomcat, Linux and Python.

Software Engineering Internship Socialweb

January 2015 – March 2015

Participate in the development of ad-hoc web applications using different languages and tools but mainly ruby on rails. Industrial Internship.

Relevant Tech: Ruby on Rails, Javascript, HTML and AngularJS.



  • Experience in projects with several programming languages such as C++, Python, Ruby and others.
  • Linux system administration tools.
  • Academic experience with different tools and programming languages: C#, Java, REST, Android, PostgreSQL, Latex, Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, Lua, HTML, Unity, Realidad Virtual, etc.
  • Experience with web frontend and backend development.


  • Native Spanish
  • Technical English